New Bulgarian University

The University offers an impressive selection of programs taught in English, French, and Russian, spanning a broad range of fields. Notably, American and British Studies adopt a comparative approach, while Eastern Mediterranean Archeology explores Balkan history. Brand Management places a strong emphasis on marketing strategies, and Cognitive Science examines the mind and behavior. Digital Marketing and Social Media investigate online marketing techniques, and Finance and Banking cover financial markets and banking practices. For those interested in Human Resource Management and Development, the University provides both full-time and distance learning options. Meanwhile, International Business Communications scrutinizes global business practices, and French-speaking students can opt for courses such as International Relations and Public Administration, as well as International Relations and Comparative Politics. 

In addition, the University provides insight into the past, present, and future of the region through Integral Processes in Europe and the Post-Soviet Area. Sustainability practices are the focus of Management and Economics of Sustainable Development. To ensure coherence and smooth flow, transition words are utilized to connect the ideas, and active voice is used to enhance the sentences’ vigor and clarity. Furthermore, the Management of Business, Innovation, and Technology concentrates on managing innovation in a business context. Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations delve into communication strategies. Students interested in performing classical and contemporary music can enroll in Musical Performance, while Southeastern European Studies scrutinizes the region’s history, politics, and culture.


Varna University of Management

At Varna University of Management, students can pursue two dynamic master’s degree programs. The first, the Master’s degree in International Hospitality and Tourism Management (MSc), centers on the effective management of hospitality and tourism businesses. Meanwhile, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) covers a range of essential business topics, including finance, marketing, and management.


VUZF University presents four programs in economy, international relations, and business management. The programs include Leadership and Management, International Relations, Global Economy, and Strategic Analysis. Additionally, there are Business Management and Marketing, as well as Finance. These programs aim to prepare students for success in rapidly evolving global markets. Active voice adds vigor, while concise sentences ensure clarity.

Technical University Sofia

Technical University Sofia offers diverse master’s programs in fields such as Computer Science and Communications, Electronics and Control Engineering, Computer Science and Telecommunication, and Electronics and Control Engineering. Additionally, students can pursue General Mechanical Engineering, Computer Systems and Technologies, Industrial Management, Business Administration, and Software Engineering.


What Master's degree programs are offered at Technical University Sofia?

Technical University Sofia offers master’s degree programs in Computer science and communications, Electronics and control engineering, Computer science and telecommunication, Electronics and Control Engineering, General mechanical engineering, Computer systems and technologies, Industrial management, Business administration, and Software engineering.

What Master's degree programs are offered at VUZF University?

VUZF University offers master’s degree programs in economy, international relations, global economy, strategic analysis, business management, marketing, and finance.

What are some examples of specific programs offered?

Examples of specific programs offered include Comparative approaches in American and British Studies, Digital Marketing and Social Media, International Relations and Public Administration, Management and Economics of Sustainable Development, and Speech and Language Pathology.

In what languages are the programs taught at these universities?

Depending on the university and program, students can enroll in courses taught in English, French, or Russian. This allows for a diverse range of language immersion opportunities, enhancing students’ linguistic and cultural knowledge. Active voice is employed to emphasize the agency of the students in their language learning journey. Additionally, transitional words are used to connect the ideas and ensure coherence.

What master's degree programs are offered at Varna University of Management?

Varna University of Management offers two master’s degree programs: the Master’s degree in International Hospitality and Tourism Management (MSc) and the Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Are full-time and distance learning options available?

Yes, full-time and distance learning options are available for certain master degree programs, such as Human Resource Management and Development. However, this may vary depending on the university and the specific program.

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