Why to study in Pleven Medical University?

Pleven Medical University was established under the name of the Higher Medical Institute. It was within the structure of the United Medical Academy in 1974 and became independent in 1990. By the decision of the National Assembly, the Higher Medical Institute changed its name to the Medical University of Pleven. MU – Pleven has highly specialized habilitated lecturers with significant teaching experience. At Pleven Medical University there is only medicine, which can be studied in English. The whole course is 6 years for a master’s degree. Students, who are not speaking English very well, can have a preparatory year in learning English. The professors are very good and they are implementing innovative technics. Pleven is a very beautiful and clean city. The cost of living is much lower than in Sofia. You can afford much more if you are with a lower budget. Pleven Medical University has a lot of international students. The training is in 24 departments and 24 clinics, including sectors and units, by 62 professors and associate professors, and by 279 assistants. Many of them are members of national and international scientific and medical societies. The biggest advantage of Pleven Medical University is the lower university fees and the high quality of education. The academic year starts in February!

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What is the tuition fee for studying medicine, dentistry or pharmacy?

Medicine- 7700 euro
The tuition fee for Pleven Medical University can be paid in two installments.

Is there an entry exam?

Yes, there is an entry exam for all medical universities in Bulgaria. It is very easy and it is consisting of test questions from Biology, Chemistry and very easy English reading and comprehension. There is more than enough time to complete the exam. All entry exams are online, except the one in Sofia Medical University.

What is the duration of the education?

Medicine – six years

What does the program include?

Medicine- the first two years are only pre-clinic study and theory after that comes three years of clinical period. The final year of the course is an internship at the end of which are the state exams.

How can I transfer to Pleven Medical University?

1. You need to have an academic transcript from your university with all disciplines and credits
2. High school certificate with 12 years of education
3. Medical Certificate

Do I need a VISA for studying in Bulgaria?

1. European citizens do not need a student VISA
2. All NON – European citizens need student VISA type D

Do I have a guarantee that I will be accepted?

Yes, as we are providing all of our students the best possible preparation for the entry exam

What will happen if I do not get accepted?

Our team will do everything possible to sign you in another university


  • High school certificate with 12 years of education
  • EU citizens - Grades from Biology and Chemistry, Non EU citizens – more than 62% from both subjects
  • Eligibility letter from the school
  • Medical Certificate

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