Study Pharmacy in Bulgaria

Why should you study pharmacy in Bulgaria?

If you’re looking for an affordable and internationally recognized Pharmacy program, Bulgaria may be the perfect option for you. The country offers some of the lowest tuition fees in the whole European Union for Pharmacy education, which is fully in English. After completing the program, you will receive a certificate for a Master in Pharmacy, which is recognized globally. Additionally, Bulgaria has the lowest living cost expenses in the whole European Union, making it an excellent choice for students who want to save money while studying.


What is the admission process for studying Pharmacy in Bulgaria?

The admission process for studying Pharmacy in Bulgaria includes passing an entrance exam that consists of questions from Biology, Chemistry, and easy English reading and comprehension questions. Candidates must have high school certificates with grades in Biology and Chemistry, eligibility letters from high school, health certificates, and four passport photos.

What degree will you receive after studying Pharmacy in Bulgaria?

All graduates of Pharmacy programs in Bulgaria receive a certificate for a Master in Pharmacy, which is internationally recognized.

How long does it take to complete the Pharmacy program in Bulgaria?

The Pharmacy program in Bulgaria takes five and a half years to complete.

Which universities in Bulgaria offer Pharmacy programs in English?

Some of the universities in Bulgaria that offer Pharmacy programs in English include Sofia Medical University, Plovdiv Medical University, and Varna Medical University.

How much is the tuition fee for studying Pharmacy in Bulgaria?

The tuition fee for studying Pharmacy in Bulgaria is 6000 Euro per academic year, which can be paid in two installments.

Is it possible to get a student loan for studying Pharmacy in Bulgaria?

Some universities in Bulgaria may offer assistance in obtaining student loans, but the application process and responsibility are solely that of the student.

Medical University Sofia

Medical University Sofia is the oldest medical institution in Bulgaria. The university is accredited with score “very good”. There are more than 11 000 students, 4100 of them are foreign students. In Sofia Medical University there are 4 faculties, 3 colleges and 14 university hospitals. You can study medicine, dentistry or pharmacy in English in Sofia Medical University

Medical University Plovdiv

Plovdiv Medical University was established in 1945 as a Medical Faculty at the University of Plovdiv. The university has changed its name many times during the years. It was first named after the famous Russian scientist Academician Ivan Pavlov.

Varna Medical University

Varna Medical University is among the first members of the Black Sea University Network (BSUN). In 2004, the University of Maastricht (Netherlands) became a full member of the Association of European Universities (EUA). Since 2006, graduate doctors have been receiving a European application for their diploma, valid for their realization in the EU member states.

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