Study Veterinary medicine in Bulgaria

Why you should study Veterinary medicine in Bulgaria?

With its lowest tuition fees in the entire European Union and internationally recognized certificate of a Master in Pharmacy, Bulgaria offers an excellent opportunity for students to receive a high-quality education in the field of Pharmacy. Moreover, the education is fully in English, which makes it accessible to students from all over the world. In addition, Bulgaria has the lowest living cost expenses in the entire European Union, which allows students to maintain a comfortable lifestyle without breaking the bank.



What degree do you receive upon graduating from Veterinary Medicine in Bulgaria?

All students who graduate receive a certificate for a Master’s in Veterinary Medicine, which is internationally recognized.

Which universities in Bulgaria offer Veterinary Medicine courses in English?

Forestry University Sofia and Trakia University Stara Zagora are the two universities in Bulgaria that offer Veterinary Medicine courses in English.

What are the entry requirements for studying Veterinary Medicine in Bulgaria?

Candidates must pass an entrance exam consisting of questions in Biology, Chemistry, and easy English reading and comprehension questions. They must also have grades in Biology and Chemistry in their high school certificate. Non-European citizens must have more than 62% in both Biology and Chemistry.

How much does it cost to study Veterinary Medicine in Bulgaria?

The tuition fee for studying Veterinary Medicine at Forestry University in Bulgaria is 4500 euros per academic year, while the tuition fee for studying at Trakia University Stara Zagora is 5100 euros per academic year. The fees are usually paid in two installments.

Is it possible to get a student loan to study Veterinary Medicine in Bulgaria?

Some universities in Bulgaria offer help to students who wish to receive student loans. However, the application process is the student’s responsibility.

How much does it cost to live and study in Bulgaria?

Living and studying expenses in Bulgaria may vary from 500 to 800 euros per month, which includes accommodation, food, and other possible expenses.

University of Forestry Sofia

The University of Forestry Sofia has 6 faculties and 30 departments.

The most attractive specialty for foreigners is veterinary medicine in English.

It is located in Sofia, in the students’ neighborhood.

The University of Forestry Sofia has modern equipment and has had an excellent reputation for almost 100 years.

Trakia University

Trakia University is located at the very center of Bulgaria. It was established in 1995, on the basis of the existing higher schools, by a decision of the 37th National Assembly.

There are more than 1500 international students, because of the high quality of education in medicine and Veterinary Medicine in English. The certificate from Trakia Univeristy are internationally recognized.

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