From personal experience I couldn’t have received a better response and help during my application.

I would like to thank you iGeneration Agency, with their help I had all the time needed to prepare for my entry exam.

The staff and the website provide absolutely all the information that is needed to complete everything in the correct manner.

Studying in Plovdiv, Bulgaria has been absolutely amazing, due to the fact that the atmosphere of the city and the studying process really complement each other. I would fully recommend the University to anyone who is considering to apply here.

The work, the staff of iGeneration and the life as a student in Bulgaria have been incredible so far and I am certain I made the right choice by deciding to study abroad.

Peter Robinson

I also wanted to thank you guys, the course was excellent and I truly believe I wouldn’t get accepted without your help. If any of my friends mention wanting to attend med school in Europe I will definitely recommend your course.

iGeneration Agency has a very professional approach. I really had a lot of problems with my university in Poland so they helped me with my transfer to Plovdiv Medical University. Now I have found the most suitable university for me!

Amanda Lewis

Hi, iGeneration Agency, I wanted to thank you, because I personally saw how you did your best to make transfer to Pleven Medical University come true. You really made a lot of affords which is very important for me, so thank you!

Everyone is extremely professional, kind, supportive and helpful from the start to the end of the course and I strongly recommend this agency to anyone who wants to achieve their dream and study abroad.

This agencey has given me the opportunity to achieve my dream and I am so grateful!

Emma Muller

I had a lot of doubt about Bulgarian educational system. When i have contacted iGeneration Agency, they provide me with a long, free consultation. This was very helpful for me, because I have understood a lot of things, which were very different from the things I have know in advance.

So after they opened my eyes, I was much more confident and I started the application process. They did absolutely everything on my behalf, even an airport transfer, so I was more than happy! I would recommend iGeneration Agency to all students, who do not want to waste their time.

Marie Aubertin

I have tried for so long, my parents’ friend from Germany, talked to my dad about medicine in Bulgaria, he explained that many German students come here to study medicine and the universities are well-recognized. iGeneration staff were very helpful trough out and after I got accepted.

I also want to say thank you to George, he was my assistant, who did everything for me. I only had to study for my exam, nothing more. Now I am studying in Trakia University and I am more than satisfied.

Akshara Bhatt

I found the process of applying to a Uni in Bulgaria fairly easy and straightforward because the procedure was outlined in detail on the Admissions webpage. However if I did have any questions, it was easy to contact the admissions team (iGenaration) and they were always ready to help and walk through the process, if need be.

The biggest difference to studying in Bulgaria, as opposed to studying in the UK is that I have been given the opportunity to explore a new culture, learn a new language and make friends who come from such a large variety of countries. Studying abroad offers experience that you would not get if you were to study in your own home country.

Theo Athanasiou

I was amazed by iGeneration Agency, because they were able to sign me for the entry exam at the last moment. They were so fast and helpful to me, that I am very happy and I would definitely recommend their services to all of my friends!

Mustafa Aydin

I was very surprised, because I have heard a lot of not good things for Bulgaria. Since I am in the country I have been very positive surprised by people, university and life in general. Ivo was my assistant and he was amazing, he managed to do everything very fast and helped me with a lot of things, which are beside his duties.

I would like to say big THANK YOU to iGeneration Agency.

You have done everything in a perfect way, even though my parents were so annoying to you!

Nils Andersson

It was very hard to study and live in Bulgaria for me, because I had no scholarship. A friend of mine told me that there is an agency, which can help me to get a student bank loan, so I contacted iGeneration Agency and after one month I got the bank loan, which was amazing. Now I can finally live normal in Bulgaria

Clarissa Stein

There is a specific person in iGeneration Agency, who I would like to thank for his full support, his name is Kris. He really did so many things for me, like- all documents, finding an apartment, getting a sim card, transportation card, opening a bank account … Really amazing, thank you!

Nikolas Galanis

Studying for half an year in Technical University Sofia, I can say, that I am very thankful to the team of iGeneration Agency. They have helped me with everything and now I know and have everything which is important for me.

Ahmet Kaya

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