Why to study in Trakia University ?

Trakia University- Stara Zagora, has 2 programs, fully in English- Medicine and Veterinary medicine. There is a university hospital, where students can develop their knowledge and practical skills. The tuition fee is 1000 euros cheaper, compared to all other medical universities in Bulgaria. Stara Zagora is not a big city and the living costs are cheaper compared to the capitalSofia. Trakia University is located at the very center of Bulgaria. It was established in 1995, on the basis of the existing higher schools, by a decision of the 37th National Assembly. There are more than 1500 international students, because of the high quality of education in medicine and Veterinary Medicine in English. The certificate from Trakia Univeristy are internationally recognized. Trakia University (TRU) is a state higher school-based in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. Areas studied: human and veterinary medicine, pedagogy, agriculture, ecology, economics, engineering and technology, fashion design, social activities, etc. Trakia University Stara Zagora is a very good Bulgaria medical school. Stara Zagora Medical University offers an excellent quality education, fully in English for Medicine and Veterinary medicine. Stara Zagora University has more than 5 faculties, but only 2 of them are offering education in English. Trakia University Veterinary Medicine course is one of the most popular. Stara Zagora Trakia University has a very long history which is why it is very well-known in the academic society.

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What is the tuition fee for studying medicine or veterinary medicine at Trakia University- Stara Zagora?

The course of medicine at Trakia University cost 7000 euro per year.
The course of veterinary medicine at Trakia University Stara Zagora cost 5100 euro per academic year.
The tuition fee can be paid by two instalments- 50% at the begging of every semester.

Is there an entry exam?

Yes, there is an entry exam for Trakia University – Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.
The entry exam for Medicine is one, with three components- test questions in Biology, test questions in Chemistry and very easy English test.
The entry exam for Veterinary Medicine is test questions in Biology and very easy English test.
There is more than enough time to complete the exam- around 2 hours.
The entry exam is going to be online.

What is the duration of the education?

The full course of Medicine at Trakia University- Stara Zagora is six years.

The full course of Veterinary medicine at Trakia University- Stara Zagora is five years.

What does the program include?

1. Medicine- the first two years are only pre-clinic study and theory after that comes three years of clinical period. The final year of the course is an internship at the end of which are the state exams.
2. Veterinary medicine- the first two years are only theory and the other three years are with a lot of practical seminars.

How can I transfer to Trakia University?

If you want to transfer to Trakia University- Stara Zagora, Medicine or Veterinary medicine, you must meet the following
1. You need to have an academic transcript from your university with all disciplines and credits
2. High school leaving certificate with grades in Biology and Chemistry
3. Medical Certificate

Do I need a VISA for studying in Bulgaria?

All students who study in Bulgaria must meet the following visa requirements:

1. European citizens do not need a student VISA
2. All NON – European citizens need student VISA type D

Do I have a guarantee that I will be accepted?

We are providing all of our students with the best possible preparation for the entrance exam. We will prepare you in the best possible way although some of the things will still depend entirely on you!

What will happen if I do not get accepted?

Our team will help you to apply to another university.


  • High school certificate with 12 years of education
  • EU citizens - Grades from Biology and Chemistry, Non EU citizens – more than 62% from both subjects
  • Eligibility letter from the school
  • Medical Certificate

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