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We Guarantee your admission in your desired university

We have extensive experience and have helped hundreds of students study in Bulgaria. Therefore, choosing us to guide you through the whole admission process can secure your university acceptance. Additionally, as our student, you can take advantage of a free consultation with a graduated student. They will provide you with advice and share their personal experience. Furthermore, you can contact us at any time regarding your admission. We will do everything in our power to ensure that you don’t have to worry if you have any questions or concerns. Our team will provide you with all the answers you need to make the right decision.

Full support with preparation of all documents

At iGeneration Agency, we take full responsibility for preparing your application for your desired Bulgarian university. In addition, we handle filing your documents and collecting all required documents. Our commitment also includes translating and legalizing them with the relevant authorities in Bulgaria. We pay close attention to due dates and communicate directly with university administrations to save you valuable time and effort. As a result, our personal assistant is available 24/7 to assist with the admission of papers and answer all of your questions. With our support, you can rest assured that everything will be handled correctly and efficiently, giving you enough time to prepare for the entry test without worrying about administrative procedures.

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Entry Exam Preperation - iGeneration.Agency

Full preparation for entrance exam (if there is such)

If there is an entrance exam, we will provide you with full support and examples of entry tests. We will offer you a wide range of pre-admission courses that you can enroll in, and assist you with the right choice in order for you to be sure that you are well-prepared for the entry test. We can arrange for you to join an intensive course in biology and chemistry, in case you need it.

Full relocation support in Bulgaria

We are here to assist you with every step, from preparing for your visa to choosing housing options. Our team is going to help you with the whole relocation process. Despite being affordable, accommodations in Bulgaria are generally of a high standard, with modern facilities and comfortable living conditions – one of the reasons why students study in Bulgaria!

Full Relocation Support iGeneration.Agency
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Finding Accommodation

iGeneration Agency is going to help you with the whole relocation process by finding you the best accommodation place near the university and helping you to make your new home, as comfortable as possible. When you are settled and officially a student of the desired university, our team will help you with Sim Card, Wi-Fi, Transportation card, Bank account, Residence permit, Paying the tuition fee, Health insurance, Campus and City tour, and Cultural and Social Life.

Transfer to Bulgarian university

iGeneration agency will provide you with full support so you can easily transfer to any Bulgarian university and study in Bulgaria. We will provide you with all the details for the whole process, so you can be calm about your transfer. Also, you will be able to see the stage of your case in our online system portal.

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Residence documents for European and Non-EU Students

There is no need for visas for all European citizens. Every foreign student needs a “residence permit”. Of course, we will help you with this document. All non-EU students need to apply for a visa D. It is an easy process for which we will fully assist you.


  • Testimonials - Amanda Lewis - iGeneration

    I also wanted to thank you guys, the course was excellent and I truly believe I wouldn’t get accepted without your help. If any of my friends mention wanting to attend med school in Europe I will definitely recommend your course.
    iGeneration Agency has a very professional approach. I really had a lot of problems with my university in Poland so they helped me with my transfer to Plovdiv Medical University. Now I have found the most suitable university for me!

    Amanda Lewis
  • Nikolas Galanis

    There is a specific person in iGeneration Agency, who I would like to thank for his full support, his name is Kris. He really did so many things for me, like- all documents, finding an apartment, getting a sim card, transportation card, opening a bank account … Really amazing, thank you!

    Nikolas Galanis


How experienced is iGeneration Agency in helping students study in Bulgaria?

iGeneration Agency has extensive experience in helping students study in Bulgaria. We are proud ti say that we have helped on more than 1500 students study in Bulgaria for nearly 8 years now!

What kind of administrative procedures does iGeneration Agency take care of?

iGeneration Agency takes care of all administrative procedures related to the admission process, including collecting and filing all required documents, translating and legalizing them in relevant authorities in Bulgaria, paying attention to due dates, and communicating with university administrations.

Does iGeneration Agency offer support for entrance exams?

Yes, iGeneration Agency offers full support for entrance exams, providing examples of entry tests and offering pre-admission courses to help students prepare for the exams.

What kind of relocation support does iGeneration Agency offer?

iGeneration Agency offers full relocation support, including assistance with visa preparation, finding suitable accommodation near the university, and helping students settle into their new homes with Sim Card, Wi-Fi, Transportation card, Bank account, Residence permit, Paying the tuition fee, Health insurance, Campus and City tour, and Cultural and Social Life.

Does iGeneration Agency assist with transferring to other Bulgarian universities?

Yes, iGeneration Agency provides transfer services to any Bulgarian university, and helps students with the entire process, while keeping them updated on the progress of their application through an online portal.

Does iGeneration Agency provide assistance with obtaining visas for non-EU students?

Yes, iGeneration Agency fully assists non-EU students with obtaining the required visa D for studying in Bulgaria.

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